Ain't nothin wrong with bein a beezy that loves the deezy.
by swagonhoneys December 20, 2011
chewing tobacco, a dip
i need to go slam a deezy
by BBaker January 16, 2007
a condome
hey i need a deezy for tonight
by themasterP February 14, 2009
A combination of the words "easy" and "dick" to form deezy, a word used to describe a guy that is easy or to describe a hottie, depending on the context and the situation.
"Damn dat deezy ain't sick wit it and has hit too many beezys ya kno like dat boi has herpes foo shooww"

"Dammm beezy look ovaa derr at dat finee ass deezzy im about 2 tap dat"
by H & T April 27, 2008
absolutely the gayest possible person in the history of the human race
that richard simmons is such a deezy!
by josh February 09, 2004

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