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The act of taking a massive dump.
He couldn't hold it in any longer and had to take a shirtless deezy at work.
by Everybody Eats March 26, 2009
An alcoholc beverage made popular in the Bay Area. A DEEZY consists of a glass of Belvedere vodka with just a splash of tonic water (lime optional)... delicious
(Bartender) So how do you make a DEEZY again???
(Scott Deezy) Fill up that glass with Belvedere and splash sum tonic.
by Scott Deezy November 19, 2007
1. Something that is easy and dope

created my me joeybnukkas
"dude the little boy park at winter park is so dope, and its easy'

"yeah dude its deezy"
by Joeybnukka March 29, 2007
Ain't nothin wrong with bein a beezy that loves the deezy.
by swagonhoneys December 20, 2011
Another way for saying Damn!, Wow!, Unbelievable, or That's crazy!
First used in this context in the summer of 1996
You and your friend are walking down the street when a good looking girl passes you. You look to one another and say: Deezy!

When something is really jacked up like someone's messed up grill, you say: Deezy!

If you see a nice ride pass you by (like a tricked out Bimmer, Benz, or Bentley), you say: Deezy!
by MarvDizz November 04, 2011
The nickname of Jesco White's brother Dorsey.
"Where you at Deezy? Go find daddy."

-Jesco White: Dancing Outlaw
by Steve Marshall March 05, 2008
A snowboarder term created by JBN

Easy + Dope = Deezy
"Area 51 snowboard park at keystone is deezy"
by joeybnukkas April 03, 2007