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Used to make someone feel stupid for actually falling into the trap of this joke
"Hey, do you want some tape and CD's?"
"What am I gonna do with that?"
"You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can See Deez Nuts!!!"
by Daonocto January 08, 2008
83 29
something a boy has but a girl dosen't have!!!
Lick Deez Nuts Biotch
by Dada truth April 01, 2006
6 19
a joking way to get somone about deez nuts
me;dang they almost jumped me today
me;deez nuts but i cracked them
by max loving September 09, 2004
6 19
A way of saying: OH SNAP YO! YO ASS GOT TOLD! or generally making the reciever look like an idiot.
Me: Hey, wanna settle an argument? Which are better, CD's or tapes?
You: Uhm, CD's.

Me: Hey, wanna settle an argument? Which are better, CD's or tapes?
You: Uhm, tapes.
Me: Tape DEEZ NUTS to your chin!
by DCrookZ November 11, 2003
7 20
1 testicals
2 a way of saying mine
3 a way of teaching someone a lesson
1 she kicked me in deez nuts
2 you aint the king of deez nuts
3 a b c deez nutz and if aint get it you gonna get got
by gimpalicious May 08, 2003
5 18
make someone feel stupid
Me: ey yo, i might get a tatoo of the letter D on my back
You: why a d?
Me: 4 DEEZ NUTZZ!!!!
by k3v1n May 14, 2003
5 19
In the marching band circut, a vulgar but effective means to get a judge's attention. Just holler it and he'll probably look your way and go, "hmm, maybe I'll watch him." Either that, or do it when someone's about to fall to divert his attention.
(band playing....big attack) DA DA DA DA!
"Deez NUTS!"
by drumline January 09, 2006
8 23
What you are about to go suck on!
Man 1: You goin'?
Man 2: Going where?
Man 1: To suck on deeznuts!
by ChunkyD August 14, 2006
44 61