Used to make someone feel stupid for actually falling into the trap of this joke
"Hey, do you want some tape and CD's?"
"What am I gonna do with that?"
"You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can See Deez Nuts!!!"
by Daonocto January 08, 2008
A joke or phrase used to bypass, silence or squelch out any annoying,irritating or harassing comment or conversation. Commonly used by Boss Status players to flag or penalize player haters!

Made internationally exceptable by snoop doggy dog (rapper) in the mid 1990's on his death row records release / LP - "The Dog Father"
defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys misses a key tackle during a playoff game and when he leaves the field his defensive coach approaches him amd starts yelling

COACH : " Why don't you try playing some D for a change"

PLAYER: "play some D"?
COACH: "yeah, D"!
by Urbanswervin July 31, 2015
The hanging sacks of flesh under a man's penis. Also known as testicles.
Yo bitch, you want to suck on deez nuts. Do you want these nuts in your mouth??
by dasmart one October 30, 2007
Answer to the question "who?" and often followed by the word "bitch"
Hey man...he told you to shut up.
Deez Nuts Bitch
by DSTONE October 20, 2004
Person 1: Yo, you know Phillip
Person 2: Phillip who?
Person 3: Phillip on DEEEEEZ NUUUUUTSSS
by Smith Dogg October 19, 2003
a wonderful and insightful term used to annoy, trick, and entertain others. Usually used following questions such as what? and who?
1: what you talkin about?

1: Yo Claude
2: What?
1: You want some of Deez Nuts?

1: Who are you going to prom with?
2: Deez nuts biyatch!
by Mike and Franny May 04, 2003
When you look out the window, scream DEEZ NUTS
See your favorite nigga, shout DEEZ NUTS
Creep up behind someone, whisper DEEZ NUTS
Wannabe a pornstar, ya better have DEEZ NUTS
Wanna get a girl friend, make some babies with DEEZ NUTS
If you don't get my point yet, deez nuts are useful in many ways and forms! Shout it, scream it, whisper it, own it! It's MANDITORY
Hello baby, do you want a taste of DEEZ NUTS? HA! GOTEEEEEM
by dcnert June 17, 2016
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