A small suburb in Ohio. There's nothing really to do there and many of the towns and other surburbs around them, who are rich by the way, look down on them. All their sports team suck. The only thing they have that is good is their marching band.
I'm leaving Deer Park as soon as I can.
by A Sad Girl From Deer Park September 15, 2010
Top Definition
The lamest town east of Houston that has spawned a great deal of penguins, unicorns, and chemical engineers. All of these aforementioned entities belong to the same phylum; therefore, it must be concluded that the former are in fact results of the sick whinings of king kong's sister in law. Ironically, this town does not produce clean drinking water. Does kick ass at football.
Clean up your room, or i'll send you to live with your aunt in Deer Park!

Deer Park/on top/ number one/ lets rock!
by lars synagouge December 30, 2009
The best water making company in USA.
Cheaper than the overrated Dasani, which is part of the corporation that is evil and filled with sex addicts.

The Pepsi people are evil and they are always trying to replace whites with blacks. I mean, integration is a good thing but look at all the commercials. ONLY black people. Where are the Asians, whites, Indians, or Native Americans? It is blatantly obvious that the Pepsi company is racist and is INFERIOR compared to the competing Coca Cola company.

Coca Cola is a cool company because it used polar bears and Santa as advertising. We all loved, no matter how "I hate pretty things" person that you are, those polar bears. This is because polar bears are cool unlike night clubs for blacks only.

Coca Cola also has that strong taste unless the weak Pepsi. If you don't see the difference of Coca Cola and Pepsi, then just drink Coca Cola because it's better for you.

But anyways, Deer Park is better than Dasani, buy that instead of the evil Pepsi company products. Pepsi company was founded by Dr. Evil and
definition continues...
Deer Park has many deers in it!
Dasani sucks compared to Deer Park.
by Diplomize March 08, 2005
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