Deviant sexual act wherein a man, giving it to his woman jackhammer style, yells, "Oh no, the blowout preventer is failing," drops her on the ground, pulls out, falls down on the floor next to her, blows his load on her stomach, and then sets it on fire.
Guy 1: "Last night night I was feeling a little frisky so I gave her a Deepwater Horizon."

Guy 2: "I had no idea semen was flammable. Oh well, at least you didn't use the top kill maneuver. That shit is nasty."
by BPexec1 May 31, 2010
Top Definition
(CURRENT EVENTS) offshore oil drilling platform located off the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. The platform was owned and operated by Transocean, LTD., under lease to British Petroleum (BP).

The well, which was in 1 mile of water, blew out (or ruptured) on 20 April 2010, and gushed millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. On 14 July, the main rupture appeared to have been capped. By then, probably 4 million barrels of crude had been released into a sensitive habitat, destroying the livelihood of tens of thousands of people.

According to some estimates, the Deepwater Horizon blowout was the worst peacetime oil well blowout in history.
The Deepwater Horizon platform killed eleven crew members when it exploded. The operator and its lessor, BP, had been cited hundreds of times for major safety procedure violations.
by Primus Intra Pares July 15, 2010
The Deep Water Horizon is a very advanced sexual technique. CAUTION: Attempt at your own risk.

To begin Partner 1 must consumer massive quantities of expired milk, extra spicy salsa, chili, chimichangas and tacos. This is to be washed down with bottle of laxatives.

After sufficient time to process, Partner 1 assumes the 'Spill Position'... laying on their back, legs up and ass in the air.

Partner 2 then assumes the "Top Hat / Top Kill" position, by placing their mouth over Partner 1's anus, forming an air-tight seal.

Partner 1 will then release the contents of their rectum, while Partner 2 attempts to contain the spill.

This technique is general followed by the 'Louisiana Beach', where both partners will lie in bed on top of the anus spewed mess.
He just Deepwater Horizon'd the hell out of that girl!
by DyinRyin June 30, 2010
A deviant sexual act whose name based on the exploding oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The act begins with a blumpkin (a blowjob on the male while the male defecates into a toilet bowl). In the midst of the act, one of the parties lights a match that causes an explosion from the burning methane.
I got that girl from the club to give me a blumpkin. Halfway through I went to light a cig and it caused an explosion like the Deepwater Horizon, dawg! It singed my ass hairs and almost blew up my toilet!
by JC Not Christ September 09, 2010
A sex position involving drilling a girl into submission until there is a mess everywhere.
I will drill her until she becomes the deepwater horizon.
by LegendaryJ! April 24, 2014
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