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To emulate a deep sea fishing rod by cupping your testicles and grasping your erected penis on Chatroulette.
Emmons: "Dude, Im deep sea fishing this guy!"
Pauly: "What? No way."
Emmons: "Hook. Line, & Sinker."
Pauly: "That's pretty gay."
by Lusking April 16, 2010
when a man gets his dick sucked under water
damn the bitch just went deep sea fishing in ya pool!
by jshdgjkshdklasg May 11, 2009
Deep sea fishing is when you get really drunk and hook up with a fat chick.
Your friend: (most likely after a keg stand) He walks over to the fattest chick he has the best chances with and proceeds to hook up with her.

You: The next day show him pictures of the whale he landed!

This is deep sea fishing
by T Koenig April 01, 2009
First off this is the most sick thing ever. A man shoves an octopus (live mind you) into his female partners vagina. He then proceeds to have intercourse while the live octopus is still there.
Yesterday, I went deep sea fishing.
by Anonymous.......... June 08, 2005
When you gap a girls asshole and lube it up with marinara sauce. Then you feed a lengthy spaghetti into the asshole and slurp it up. In the last inches of the spaghetti the exit of the middle has to pop the asshole.
Dude, last night I went deep sea fishing in my girl.
by Eatin Soup May 15, 2016
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