to punch someone when they run their mouth
She was talking shit so I decked her in her jaw.
by nenita March 18, 2005
Another work for checking somebody. Check out check.
"Yo, Ryan just got decked into the lockers by that one other guy!"
by somyongai December 10, 2004
A Computer or game system of any sort.
Chompsky says, "When we were down at the 'net caffe we saw this nard owningat a game so we gathered around and started gang dorking his deck.
by Slag November 28, 2004
a word that difines somthing much MUCH worse than dick or ass it is a powerfull phrase used by kelly and can unleash tottal distruction on somones self-esteem.
>>shut up deck <<
by john p. crispens February 08, 2008
Something that can be "given" similarly to being pissed off.
"That gives me so much deck, it's not even funny."
"My mom crashed her car and was super deck"
by Brian Noballs October 02, 2006
that thing on the back of your house.
"HEY BOB! Let's go drink some beer and grill steaks on the deck!"
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