1. A computer, especially one used for cracking.
I saw a badass deck in the computer store the other day.
by Adam Wilson January 07, 2004
A full pack of tobacco or marajuana cigarettes.
I smoked a whole deck last saturday
hey man can i have one from your deck
by adafasdf June 16, 2009
Variation of dick(head)
That guy's such a deck, can't believe he text-message broke up.
by Sinz-chan July 10, 2008
the definition of deck is deck.

to question the meaning of deck is not deck.
wimberly and bailey are so deck.
by Wimberly Sproull June 24, 2008
The upper surface of a cloud.
The plane climbed and went into the deck.
by AutumnLeaves April 24, 2008
a word that difines somthing much MUCH worse than dick or ass it is a powerfull phrase used by kelly and can unleash tottal distruction on somones self-esteem.
>>shut up deck <<
by john p. crispens February 08, 2008
cool, awesome, sweet,ex.
"yo i chilled with that kid yesterday. he's so deck. we had a awesome time."
"yeah he's pretty cool"
by MarinaMaxine September 22, 2007
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