(adj.) cool, hip, or trendy, what's in right now
man i was listening to cobra starship last night no one really knows who they are yet but man they're deck
by wholelottaquinn January 17, 2008
1.A misconstrued hearsay of the word czech. In the mentioning "He's Czech." by the self proclaimed "cool" bastard child of the monstrosity of modern culture as he was referring to a russian hockey player in a slurred fashion, after drinking a lemon flavored alchoholic beverage. Thusly, the mindless sheep known as this individual's friends continued to preach the meaning of deck, being deck, and how to act deck. This eventually led to a women in a starbucks continually saying "deck" on her cellphone, which was overheard by a man, which told his girlfriend, which told her hair dresser, which told a woman who is the sister of the girl who dated with the second cousin of the guy who cleans the pool of one of the editor's of entertainment weekly's secretary's brother in law. Which comes to the point where people too concerned with how people conceive them as cool or not, start excreting this one of many irritating buzz words from their noise holes, to sound self important and original.

2.A platform upon a ship.
I'm so deck because I drive this SUV, and talk on my cellphone with Joe while I watch a movie... making me swerve three lanes over going 20mph under the speed limit.
by frugal joe January 04, 2004
A platform extending horizontally from one side of a ship to the other.

A platform or surface likened to a ship's deck.
A roofless, floored structure, typically with a railing, that adjoins a house.
The roadway of a bridge or an elevated freeway.

A pack of playing cards.
A group of data processing cards.
A tape deck.
Slang. A packet of drugs called narcotics.

A term describing how one gets beaten down to the ground used by wannabe hardcores. This action usually occurs with people who have no life and are suffering from obsessive complusive disorder that makes them sensitive in an aggressive manner.

One half of "Ant & Dec" - two gay celebrity nobodies with annoying "geordie" accents that no-one can understand. Can only find work on third rate TV productions, usually involving animals or small children with whom they like to fiddle.

A turntable for playing records.

Useful when coming under fire, as a order.
"Hit the Deck"

Dec: "Wye-aye Ant, luv ya man"
Ant: "Wye-aye Dec, luv ya man too"
viewers: Fuck off queer boys <change channel>

(added to Denny Tang's definition - thanks)

by I'm a Celebrity shoot me. May 10, 2003
Deck if said in the correct accent (aka a crewe-ite/ Dev-Vo accent)would usually sound like the word dick. It is also a way for you to say the word dick in front of parents with out any consequence, though if you do this you are in fact quite the loser.
It is also a name for someone who has very small knob.
(type in devvo on youtube to see an example)
chav1: hey-up deck wha' ya bin up to?

chav2: bin up ya mudda.

by hamster_f_92 May 02, 2008
(For Magic: the Gathering trading card game)

v. To cause a player to become unable to draw due to no cards left in the library, thus resulting in a loss for that player.
Jamie: "I've decked John with my Millstone."

John: "Oh no! I'm going to loose next turn during my draw step!"
by nagelring February 01, 2004
1. A computer, especially one used for cracking.
I saw a badass deck in the computer store the other day.
by Adam Wilson January 07, 2004
a pack of cigarettes, usually 25
dude, you gonna go pick us up a deck?
by Baer November 01, 2003

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