adj: describing something high up on your cool pole.
"i totally agree. that shit is deck. bring it over."
"that weed is deck."
"this photo is deck"
"that track was deck"
"the food there is deck"
and so on....
by chapman March 10, 2003
The girl version of wheels. The girl version of wheels is decks it's the way a woman pursues a man. "Picks up" a man.
Eg. Girl version of wheels (DECKS)

Girl "Hey can I get you're number? (;"
Boy: "Yes (;"
Friend: Haha DECKKSS
by Seaofwanderlust September 28, 2013
Code for, "I'm a pretentious dickhead,but I found a new way to get laid with this new hipster trend"!
Hey , your converse are so deck.We should really hangout and talk about some deck stuff!
by keepingitreallyreal September 01, 2011
Adjective- To describe someone or something's awesomality. It may also be used as a term of endearment.
Why, thank you Fiona. You are deck for saying that.
by PurpleHands May 22, 2011
A way to say dick only in a way that Kelly from Shoes would say. Just an alternative.
Also a porch-like thing that people hang out on.
"Don't be a deck!"

"We used to sit on my fathers' old deck. It was very lovely and had a view of the ocean."
by xoxomandaa October 20, 2008
Also known as Dick, Deck has become a popular word for the young people. Deck is also said by Kelley from Shoes. Very funny.
Gah! I hate that deck! He's always being so mean & emotional!
by Loobas Johanson July 10, 2008
(adj.) cool, hip, or trendy, what's in right now
man i was listening to cobra starship last night no one really knows who they are yet but man they're deck
by wholelottaquinn January 17, 2008

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