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A word used over work email for penis. Basically a cover up to let you get away with saying penis/dick/cock/etc over work monitored email.

Often used in conjunction with "kitchen" (4396317).

Kitchen - A word used over work email for an attractive females ass. Basically a cover up to let you get away with saying fine ass butt over work monitored email.
"Yo I'd like to put it in the kitchen of the girl in the cubicle next to me."
I bet the girl at the front desk wants my deck.
by Wolverine Jorts November 28, 2009
To hit someone so hard with a punch that they fall on the ground.
I'm gonna deck that guy who hooked up with my girlfriend in the fucking face.
by Grant E yooo November 02, 2009
Platform of planks or wood-covered iron extending from side to side of ship. Extended to mean any floor, not limited to maritime.
You dirty bastard, you've pissed all over the deck. Clean it up before I piss on you
by DaveMac May 07, 2006
Obscure sex act that involves "fucking someone out one's back window so their body extends over the backyard and they're suspended by sexybits and the window sash."
I'm gonna deck you so hard you see stars!
by flammablehat June 10, 2011
1: an action that inflicts physical pain
2: a passion-filled kiss.
1: Last night I totally decked him when he called me a slut.
2: He said he loved me. And then I decked him; him in the good sense.
by plumski09 December 16, 2008
1. Adj. An alternate pronunciation for the word "dick", commonly used by poservalley girls who use stupid-ass lisps to make men feel as if they are less intelligent than they really are in a futile attempt to impress them.
2. Adj. How queens say dick.
Like o-my-gad my ex-boyfriend is such a deck!
by Victah Hugo July 28, 2008
To knock someone out, to the deck.
Your skateboard.
"If you don't step down, I gunna have to deck yo'."
"He brought his deck to class and waz doing flips when the teacher left the room."
by Diego August 30, 2003