Also synonymous with to floor. Characterized by a spontaneous punch at Mach 10 much like those of Chuck Lidell most likely to the temple/jaw/head region. What results is the person on the receiving end ends up on the floor or "deck." Hence the name.
I decked the loud freshman because he was annoying.
by two one ohh April 19, 2009
To hit someone so hard with a punch that they fall on the ground.
I'm gonna deck that guy who hooked up with my girlfriend in the fucking face.
by Grant E yooo November 02, 2009
Platform of planks or wood-covered iron extending from side to side of ship. Extended to mean any floor, not limited to maritime.
You dirty bastard, you've pissed all over the deck. Clean it up before I piss on you
by DaveMac May 07, 2006
adj: describing something high up on your cool pole.
"i totally agree. that shit is deck. bring it over."
"that weed is deck."
"this photo is deck"
"that track was deck"
"the food there is deck"
and so on....
by chapman March 10, 2003
Code for, "I'm a pretentious dickhead,but I found a new way to get laid with this new hipster trend"!
Hey , your converse are so deck.We should really hangout and talk about some deck stuff!
by keepingitreallyreal September 01, 2011
1: an action that inflicts physical pain
2: a passion-filled kiss.
1: Last night I totally decked him when he called me a slut.
2: He said he loved me. And then I decked him; him in the good sense.
by plumski09 December 16, 2008
basically, it just means "cool"... infact, if you are deck... you're beyond cool.. you're cooler than cool.
"oh... you're so deck, reg!"
by the dudette October 28, 2003

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