A platform extending horizontally from one side of a ship to the other.

A platform or surface likened to a ship's deck.
A roofless, floored structure, typically with a railing, that adjoins a house.
The roadway of a bridge or an elevated freeway.

A pack of playing cards.
A group of data processing cards.
A tape deck.
Slang. A packet of drugs called narcotics.
6. A term describing how one gets beaten down to the ground used by wannabe hardcores. This action usually occurs with people who have no life and are suffering from obsessive complusive disorder that makes them sensitive in an aggressive manner.
Joe decked that boy just because the boy stole Joe's pokemon card.
by Denny Tang February 11, 2003
Irish slang: To beat someone up, hit them very hard.
"I'm going to deck you"
I'm going to beat the crap out of you.
by J1000 November 19, 2010
Another word for dick. Commonly used when you are mad at your twin brother or "ex bf forever"
"Shut up, deck!"
"This deck just text messege broke up with me!"
by hairykairy24 December 10, 2006
In the corporate/consulting world, used as a shorthand for "PowerPoint Presentation".
Hey, I want to make a really lousy presentation that save me a lot of time at the expense of trating my audience like idiots and possibly killing astronaunts (see CAIB). I know, I'll make a deck.
by Halbert July 05, 2005
set of turntables
lets hit the decks
listen to the beats flowing from the decks
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
cool, cutting edge, hip, or fresh.

for more on this and other hipster slang, check out the hipster handbook
did you see? john grew some deck chops.
by kevin ska May 22, 2003
1) cool.
2) to have something on you or ready to use.
3) to knock someone out, punch them.
4) part of a skateboard.
5) cards.
6) dick.
1) those new shoes are deck.
2) stacks on deck OR hands on deck
3) that faggot just got decked in the face.
5) deck of cards.
6) shut up, deck.
by mariawhtsgood September 21, 2007

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