1.A misconstrued hearsay of the word czech. In the mentioning "He's Czech." by the self proclaimed "cool" bastard child of the monstrosity of modern culture as he was referring to a russian hockey player in a slurred fashion, after drinking a lemon flavored alchoholic beverage. Thusly, the mindless sheep known as this individual's friends continued to preach the meaning of deck, being deck, and how to act deck. This eventually led to a women in a starbucks continually saying "deck" on her cellphone, which was overheard by a man, which told his girlfriend, which told her hair dresser, which told a woman who is the sister of the girl who dated with the second cousin of the guy who cleans the pool of one of the editor's of entertainment weekly's secretary's brother in law. Which comes to the point where people too concerned with how people conceive them as cool or not, start excreting this one of many irritating buzz words from their noise holes, to sound self important and original.

2.A platform upon a ship.
I'm so deck because I drive this SUV, and talk on my cellphone with Joe while I watch a movie... making me swerve three lanes over going 20mph under the speed limit.
by frugal joe January 04, 2004
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To punch someone very hard, knocking them to the ground in some cases - hence "deck", to "deck" someone as in putting them on a deck.
Johnny decked Tim, and he fell to the floor his face bleeding.
by Theo Townsend February 27, 2004
hipster lingo for cool
"that shirt is deck."
by frank November 18, 2003
the wood panel for a skate board which the person stand apon, this affixes to the trucks
by jomba May 09, 2003
turntables for vinyl records.
DJs couldn't live without their decks.
Technics 1210s for preference.
by cracky March 01, 2003
to beat someone up, or to attack someone, knocking them to the ground.
Mike just decked Albert. I think he broke his arm.
by Joe February 11, 2003
A packet of cigarettes
1:"Man, i only have two cigarettes left"
2:"But you had a whole deck last nite"
by Pat February 11, 2004
Wheels of steel, turntables, record players. Belt Driven or Direct Drive. Technics sl-1200 is acclaimed by DJ's everywhre as the industry standard.
Those numark battle decks are fly!
by DJ Staplez June 11, 2004

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