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Commonly confused for being the comic book supervillain, Deathstroke actually refers to the act of defiling one's own dead body in dishonorable, unspeakable ways. Yeah, probably as a ghost. But not necessarily.
Jim: Hey, did you hear, deathstroke has his own comic series.

John: Well, I've been known to deathstroke in my day, but don't you think that's a bit graphic to be in a comic book?
by Jesus Christ, Super Dave August 09, 2013
Is the switch of hands during male masturbation.
Death Stroke is when a man is jacking off with one hand and right before he is about to climax... he switches hands quickly for a strong finish! LOL
by Pussypleaser April 22, 2010
Dying after having a stroke while jerking off.
David Carradine might have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation, but at least he did not die of a Deathstroke.
by WeezaY5000 October 21, 2013
death while preforming erotic asphyxiation
Peter must preform the deathstroke to enter his fraternity.
by The Bogrette December 03, 2012
sex so amazing you die
"dude i heard jimmy died"
"yeah dude it was a deathstroke!"
by ryan54! February 11, 2009