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A type of sex of which MOST emo and goths preform, most likely to be done in a cemitary (not always).

Preforming this is highly dangerous, while doing this, someone could get seriously injured or killed.
She stroked a knife against his neck while he licked her.
-Death Sex-
by Ashley Mur. March 22, 2010
Apparently synonymous with neocrophilia.
"go have some death sex with freddy"
by RaccWin May 27, 2005
Deadly sex/ bloody sex
I'm never having deathsex with jenny again, it's too brootal.
by deathsex March 08, 2010
When two ugly people have a sexual relationship together, even if it's only three times a year, they both die.
The well known example is gollum features and alvin the chipmunk who have death sex, they both died at 10.55AM on the 3rd of March, 2008.
by youvegotredonyou March 02, 2008
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