A wonderful young group singed by Barsuk records from the indie-rock homeland of Washington State. Name came from a psychedlic song from the 60's.

Not emo. Unfortunately, if you write lyrics that are borderline depressing you get labeled "emo" when their music is more in line with other bands of that areas like Modest Mouse, and even The Shins.

Easily one of the greatest bands today.
Emo? Please. Bright Eyes sounds even less emo these days.
by :) February 25, 2005
has been defined as indie pop but id liken them more towards indie rock as there is just as much focus on the music than on the vocals. A great band with a great following of fans, which, unfortunately for our misguided friend who said there was 12, stretch a long way into south america, europe and some highly obscure nations. Has a very strong following in places like brazil and spain.
the guy who said they were emo then posted lots of lyrics which proved him immediately wrong. Emo as a music genre is about writing music about how hard and bad life is, generally termed 'whinger music' or 'bitch rock.' DCFC is, essentially, a celebration of the beauties of life, held together by fantastic melodies that thrust it directly into the 'indie' genre; if your so image-obsessed so as to start making allegiances, please dont take DCFC! just appreciate it as what it is - indie rock. and fantastic indie rock at that.
No, death cab for cutie fans DONT care that you prefer death metal. Listen to it if you like it, idiot.
by english___p October 09, 2006
An indie band formed in the late 1990's, Death Cab For Cutie got its name from a band known as the Bonzos. Its lead singer is Ben Gibbard, who primarily writes lyrics for multiple bands, including the Postal Service. Many people mistake Death Cab For Cutie as an emo band, mainly because of their name and their emotional lyrics. However, their lyrics are more creative and deep than emo gets, and is characterized by emotional thought rather than pure emotions alone. Their sounds are quite diverse, ranging from a pop rock sound to a soft rock sound, but most of their songs cannot be categorized easily (i.e. "President of What" or "Two Cars")

Their only negative side is that they apparently support veganism and animal rights... Damn them!
Arrogant Moron: Ugh, Death Cab For Cutie is just a stupid emo band... They're such pussies!
Guy: If you'd just read their lyrics-
Arrogant Moron: I mean their name says it all! No one names themselves after the shutting down of the heart and brain, taxis, and adorable things without being emo!
Guy: Have you even listened to-
Arrogant Moron: And Ben Gibbard's glasses-
by Gray Spartan November 24, 2007
A way to relive every past heart break while appreciating the journey that brought you to the point in your life where you have learned and moved on from past relationships. Death Cab for Cutie defines the matters of the heart that surface when your mind is wandering somewhere between past and future and you stop and truly feel a fraction of those painful feelings again. A talented bunch who should be sampled by those who have the time to listen to the albums through and through. They cover all relationship issues from long distance to growing up.
OMG, I mean seriously no one gets me! It's just so frustrating.- frustrated girl
Really? I used to think that, but seriously now I know...Death Cab for Cutie understands me. And how I really feel at night when I am laying in my lumpy bed...alone.-understood guy
by catarina September 05, 2006
A great indie band that gets more popular by the album. Their greatest wave of popularity came after appearing on The O.C. playing "Title And Registration".

Some emo kids listen to DCFC, which is total disrespect for the band. DCFC is NOT emo, they are INDIE, almost pop-ish rock. I'd say that DCFC is more for preppy people, or just people with real musical tastes in general.

Many people say they love Death Cab, but they're liars unless they've heard Death Cab's old stuff, and not just their two most recent albums. The old stuff is gold.
My favourite song by Death Cab For Cutie is the original "Title And Registration". But you've never heard that version before, have you?
by www.afterthought.cjb.cc September 13, 2006
An extremely awesome band to listen to when you need a break from the loud music with great cds and songs varying from 'Marching Bands of Manhatten', and 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark'.
I listen to Death Cab For Cutie every waking moment because they are so awesome.
by thehaploidone November 27, 2006
Possibly the best band that's ever existed. Oh, and by the way, they're not emo.
Annoying Jerk: Death Cab for Cutie sucks. They're giant pussies. Why don't you listen to good music, like death metal?
Girl: First of all: I don't listen to death metal because I can't understand a single word they're trying to sing. Second of all: Death Cab completely owns every other band that exists. Ever.
by xlauraxliex July 10, 2008
A band that is absolutely amazing.
They were formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997.

If you ever call them emo, you automatically deserve to get punched in the face. They are emotional but so much deeper than emo. Some call them indie-pop but they can't be completely classified.

Although their latest album, Codes and Keys, is not as amazing as the others, it is still great.
In my opinion, their best CD is probably Transatlanticism. The songs have so much meaning to them.

Honestly, if you ever thought your relationship was too unique or special to be summed up in a song, look to Death Cab, they've been there, done that.
Idiot: Hurr durr, Death Cab for Cutie is a dumb emo band! Hurr durr!
Me: They are n-
Idiot: Their songs actually make you think! How awful!
Me: That's a go-
Idiot: Listen to good stuff like Kesha!
Me: I'm done with this -punches idiot-
by whoooot1234 June 05, 2011
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