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That group of sluts that always seems to be on a break that hang out in the deans office. The only reason they are there is because they are dirty whores who will do anything for extra credit and attention. They wear tight low shirts with mini skirts or tight sweat pants to show off their "assets." There is much speculation that inappropriate activities take place behind closed doors while the dean's girls are in there from fondling and other inappropriate physical contact to full on fucking.
Dean's girls are constantly seen in his office trying to squeeze favors out of him like getting rid of demerits or ignoring dress code.

Favors aren't free though, the larger the rule a girl tries to flout the more she must do for the dean. Payment can range from simply being in the room while skipping a test or project to getting felt up by him for something bigger, the most serious cases such as changing your grade to an A+ generally involve stripteases and full on sex in his position of choice.

Emily H, Sarah M, and Heather F are the most notable deans girls at our school. They have all been felt, fondled, fucked, and filled by Ron the dean on many occasions. The most notable incident was when Ron caught them with some drugs behind the bleachers, He told them to come back to his office where he made them smoke it till they were high out of their minds before fucking each one in the mouth, pussy and ass. The trio regularly go in to give him blowjobs to get on his good side and they love the taste and feel of his cum in their mouths or running down their chin dripping on their teenage chests.

Heather Foti is the sluttiest dean's girl of the three. She will suck and fuck for every little thing be it a few free points on a test or avoiding near expulsion. She shows up early and stays late each day, telling her parents she is being good and studious when in fact their baby girl is gagging on a thick cock or striping on a desk in a revealing schoolgirl outfit.
by puntitlover December 11, 2010

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