an authoritative figure on a the faculty board of a highschool or college that is labeled by most as a short tempered, rude, narcissistic, insensitive, premature ejaculator. they ride around on golf carts and behave inb a way that mirors the mannerisms of your average maul cop. these people are sticklers for the rules and have an old testament attitude towards most deviating students.They also have an annoying habit of interpreting peoples lack of upholding the rules as being directed at them personally.
student 1: "dude i was walking to class minding my own business and all of an sudden one of the deans pulled out in front of me in his golf cart and wrote my up for an un-tucked shirt."

Student 2: "bra them deans be wack as shit."
by lemonjuicepandafucker May 16, 2011
Top Definition
the most amazing person alive with a huge penis
he is such a dean
by huge, massive and sexy August 27, 2008
Used to describe someone really cool or high up on a social chain. These people are very powerful so must be respected.
That kid over there is so a Dean, all sexy and cool.
I want to get somewhere in life, where is Dean?
"you are sooo Dean, you rock!"
by mr mustopavich December 14, 2005
Just a hot guy in general, usually has a great sense of humor and a great taste in chicks.
oh look at dean over there!
by [08t5jgblSBGO December 06, 2010
a cute kid, usually short in stature. he uses sarcasm way to much and cannot stay serious for more than an hour maximum. usually funny, but over the years looses their fo'shizzle as maturity starts to overcome them. has dance moves, way way to cool for the d floor and probably should not bring them out into public. even though sometimes, he can be a bit nasty with his sarcasm and shit jokes, that you dont no if there serious or not, a dean is an amazing person, who any girl would be lucky be with because dean is one of the sweetest guys you could meet and one that youd be stupid to let go off.
girl 1: look at that kid skating, he looks cute
girl 2: oh yeah, thats dean, of course hed look cute ;)
by jay jay day day September 23, 2010
A man that can impregnate many girls, while at all times staying anonymous
"Dean you are such a Dean lol"
by Rob newcastle college October 13, 2009
Dean can be used in any situation whenever needed for a substitute for a word that you can not think of at the time or that something is so crazy that there isnt even a word for it or if you just like to use the word.
"Theres no way that just happened. That was so DEAN."
"This weekend were so getting DEAN"
by DJ SnowFlake March 28, 2007
To hit someone in the face; often a small child with a basketball
Steven threw the ball to John and Deaned him in the face

by smustang September 14, 2008
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