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Deadliest Warrior is a program shown on Spike TV. The premise being to pit two warriors or a group of warriors against one another in a simulated battle. The hosts compare the two warriors/groups weapons to see which has higher killing potential. At the end, they put the results into a simulator and then act out what the battle may be like and to announce the winner of the battle, or who is the Deadliest Warrior.
The other night on Deadliest Warrior, They had the Jesse James gang fight the Al Capone gang.
by WCMJ June 23, 2010

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ninja spartan warrior
The show that makes nerds nergasim and then complain about how their warrior didn't win.

A show which pits two warriors from different times against each other.
Some dude- I can't believe the Ninja lost to the Spartan.

Some other dude- Ya but the Deadliest warrior simulation was cool to watch!
by covenentmaster May 01, 2010