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blown off; rejected; deliberatly singled out; abandoned for reasons unknown.
I like the way my best people straight deaded me.
by Armando August 16, 2004
to put an end to a conversation, a relationship or some sort of beef(problem)...
Yo I just deaded it cause we were getting nowhere arguing about shit....
by symone..AKA ill nana August 02, 2005
Harvard deaded Jim despite his 1.7 GPA.
by AirNik August 23, 2003
1. abandoned
2. rejected
3. finished - see "cashed," "kicked" (as heard in larry clark's "KIDS")
1. i'm so glad we deaded that nigga abraham, kid was takin mad long in the shower!
2. you see cornelius try to kick game at that girl? sorry ass nigga, bitch straight deaded him.
3. you can try to hit this if you want, but i'm pretty sure this L is deaded.
by shaavisto November 23, 2006
Extremely high on a drug, usually marijuana. It's generally used when a person gets higher than they have ever been on any given drug.
Dude, I hit an entire bowl of that chronic shit, i'm deaded.
by speedhighway March 06, 2009
to be ignored, rejected by other people
man, you didnt make the basketball team, prolly why u deaded
by Brittany December 05, 2004
A slang term used when someone has just been dissed.
"Yo Momma"

first person: hello want to go to this sensational party tonight?
second person: hell no! i wouldn't go to no 'sensational' party wit you if they paid me!
random people: Ooooh, DEADED!
by Idonthave Aname June 23, 2005
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