a sudden and undesirable silence (from the term for the interruption of radio or television broadcasts)
The dead air coming from the bathroom was sign that something dire had happened.
#crickets #dead-air #deadair #idioms #t.v.
by The Return of Light Joker October 08, 2011
Top Definition
1. An uncomfortable period of awkward silence that usually occurs in a tense social setting;

2. A period of time during which a television show is broadcast without an audio portion.
Man 1: How was the blind date?

Man 2: OK, but we ran out of things to say while we were at the bar. When we sat down for dinner, neither one of us could think of a thing to say. It was 100% dead air for about five minutes.

Man 1: So you didn't get laid?

Man 2: Asshat.
#silencio #asshat #dinner whore #stupid question #sex
by BcozTheNite March 27, 2008
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