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A website that has not been visited or has had any changes in a very long time but is still on the internet. This site is considered to be dead. Dead sites can be revived.
abynrml.com is a dead site because it hasn't been used in 3 years.
by powergannon July 22, 2010
1. A website that no longer exists or has been bought out by another user.

2. A popular website that once had a lot of traffic that now has little to no traffic due cultural, social changes, problems with the website's management or policies, etc.

Herman: "Do you remember pets.com?"

Norman: "No."

Herman: "Me either. That is a real deadsite."

Mary: "If you want, we can chat on MySpace! I have an awesome page set up."

George: "You still use that piece of shit deadsite?"
by DennisInAtor September 24, 2014