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1. The 'Dead Horse Vibe' occurs when there's a difference of opinion and both parties don't want to back down from their views which causes an annoyance which in turn makes both parties feel awkward but they still try and act like nothings wrong.

2. Another meaning of the 'Dead Horse Vibe' is where people/friends have been hanging out/sleeping over for a long duration(1 or more weeks) and eventually everyone runs out of material(things to say) and wants to go home which creates a weird feeling but everyone still continues to try and act normal.
Example for meaning 1:

Guy1: Hey did you see that cool movie?
Guy2: nah I didnt like it much, its lame
Guy1: Thats your opinion but still... why dont you like it?
Guy2: I dont have any reasons for not liking it
Guy1: I didnt say you needed a reason for not liking it, I was just asking a simple question
Guy2: I dunno I just dont like it, why do you care?
Guy1: I dont care but still you must have some sort of idea why you dont like it

-Dead Horse Vibe Activated-
by yuh66h March 06, 2014

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