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Dead Cat Dirty is when your place of residence is in such a state of disarray from obsessive hoarding and/or pure lazines, and so vile that beneath the foul debris, one is certain to find a dead cat. The presence of a dead cat does not rely on whether or not the homeowners actually own or owned a cat. Once a certain degree of filth is reached, a rotten, decomposed cat carcass instantly appears. It is still under investigation exactly how the bizarre carcasses appear, and where they come from.
Girl 1: I went to Javier's house last night for some cocking and locking, but to my dismay, his apartment was DCD! I immediately got as dry as a nun's cunt.

Girl 2: What's DCD?

Girl 1: Dead Cat Dirty.
by Trap "Money" McCallister April 30, 2011
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