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by DatFetus June 09, 2013
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She is Beautiful, Smart ,Loyal to Friends ,Funny & A true Weirdo.She loves when not wanted and Is scared sometimes to show her true self. Daysia is Really goofy and Likes to have fun. She is hyper and is very clingy. If your a Daysia out there be happy❤.
Daysia Is a Sexy Human Being.
by Uukoie December 24, 2016
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A Beautiful Women Who Loves Her Son She's Carring Outgoing And Will Give You The World To Know Her Is To Love Her She Is Gorgeous Not Only Outside But Inside Just Don't Cross Her Path And You'll Be Together Forever ❤
You Ever Meet Someone As Beautiful As A Flower And Sweet As Candy Than You Must Have Met DAYSIA
by Janaeee December 20, 2016
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