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A kid who models him self after the rapper SlimShady with raps and word play as the real slimshady he's emotional in his raps and doesn't care for drugs drinking and fucked up life styles that's why he gets most his inspiration from Eminem Recovery LP. hes a good rapper and goes all out when in battles with his friends he has once said that eminem saved his life for unknown reasons hes kept to him self. Hes happy go lucky and serious at times he can rap about girls and drinking and sex but prefers to rap about things around him like real life he has no time for fake as whack shit like wannabe rappers. but can rap about the above mentioned in funny ways to make you laugh. HES ALSO a great friend and cares about his family friends and cats he loves cats hates Elgin park secondary because they cast him out and he has actually lost all his friends and only has certain amount left of true friends who didnt abandon him he now lives quiet life and is working on new material about girl he was once in love with. this girl ruined his life almost and he is working on getting past it hoping for a good 2012 onwards his best homies are slade, chris ,justin ,david,ect.. This is Dayle Slimshady Baynes. time line 2009-2011-... thankyou.
SlimshadyEminem Dayle Slimshady Baynes
by Simon7/1/13 May 30, 2011

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