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Dayianie is a super model with not only an artistic creative sexy fun personality but also brilliant gorgeous brunette that has a heart of gold and will always be honest, sweet, smart but if you dare to cross her in a disrespectful manner she has no problem to speak her mind and put you in your place. Her beauty is out of this world that is why she is loved by many and hate by envy girls that wish to be her. Dayianie is a born star that once she touches the runway there's no chance for anyone her professionalism ethics and unique way of modeling in the runway it's insuperable. I want to marry a dayianie she's dream come true.
Once dayianie hits the runway she's a star. A unique gorgeous human being thst can do it all and succeed in everything. She's one of a kind. Dayianie is strong no one can bring her down she has never fallen and never ever will.
by A dreamer of love December 27, 2013

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