The worst map on Gears Of War 2, it is chosen by noobs and has awkward gameplay for all modes.

It should never be chosen during online play
oh wtf who voted Day One!

oh damn it tied and we have to play day one, long to that!
by I Am Marcus Fenix April 29, 2009
Top Definition
Been there since the beginning; through the bad times
That's my day one homie.
by Badboyx May 21, 2015
A female partner who has stayed with you for a long time through good and bad times.
Happy birthday to my girl and my day one, I will love you till the end
by JDub555 June 10, 2016
A time one proclaims that they are ready for the job and task ahead.
Ted Kennedy says Barack Obama will be ready to be President from day one.
by Warren Wordsfore February 02, 2008
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