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Day Goblins are a cross breed of hobos, white trash and mentally ill. They can encompass more or less characteristics of any one of these. They can usually be found walking around their town for hours on end seemingly doing nothing and going no where. They are often given names according to certain characteristics i.e. "Change Goblin" (who picks up change under parking meters all day) or "Pipe Goblin" (always seen with a pipe). Day Goblins are usually harmless and mean no ill will but they have on occasion been prone to loud outbursts similar to Tourette's syndrome. Young Day Goblins are often seen wearing baggy 90's style clothing and sporting patchy facial hair, possibly in the form of a "chinstrap". They are a more mild-mannered version of their nighttime counterpart "Moon Goblins"
"Amy, did you see all the Day Goblins hanging outside of the gas station? Gross!"

"Oh boy, Crack Goblin is be-boppin' around the streets early today!"
by Thisischrisg February 12, 2012
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