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A dance that can only truly be performed by Dax McMillin of Dunkerton, Iowa. This is a process in which Dax attempts to imitate the sensual swaying of Axel Rose, of Guns N Roses fame.

However, its popularity has made the Daxel Rose to now be known as a dance that many 30-40 year olds attempt to perform. Typically this is attempted by people who have no real rhythm and a desire to look cool to other people who are also stuck musically in the past.

Can also be used as a verb. i.e. "Daxel Rosing"
(n.) I went to Hairball last night and this girl was really coming on to me. I gave her the Daxel Rose. This disgusted her and she walked away.

(v.) I was caught by my wife Daxel Rosing in front of my ghetto blaster last night listening to my Appetite for Destruction cassette.
by gdawgius August 23, 2011
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