please refer to rich white teens with problems that aren't real problems
dawson's creek sucks balls as a tv show.

"OMFG debbie just totally rolled her eyes at me now my life is over."

dawson's creek sucks balls as a tv show.
by lordblazer December 06, 2006
TV series about a bunch of wannabe preppy teenagers who speak each other using long fragments extracted from their own graduation speeches or personal diaries. They are friends because nobody else would stand them.
My life is so complex now...I don't know why I tend to complicate every pathetic thing that happens to me...and I'm only 17...and do nothing at all...
by el propio January 05, 2005
A group of teenagers traveling on the Crown Princess known for drinking Roy Rogers and for enormous banana orgies in the early morning hours; named by an on-board comedian
Dawson's Creek over here isn't laughing!
by Lance [the] Old Man September 03, 2006

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