A girl who can sing her heart out in a crowd., beautiful, quiet but, outgoing.,
just all around fun and amazzzzzzing

That girl DawnMarie can sing
by drama4yurmomma October 05, 2008
Top Definition
A stunning woman. A woman that is desired by all men, and is very sexual. A bombshell. A girl with a princess attitude.
"What a Dawnmarie!"
by sosobad January 10, 2009
The missing piece. The yin to your yang. A smoking hot blonde with everything you are looking for. The total package.

Not fond of clams, Kevin Costner, Asian women, and Mike Eruzione.
Dawnmarie will be here all year, but April is just another month!
by Tim Harrity December 19, 2014
A very special women who brightens your day with her smile. She is very caring and pretty. She has a lot of friends and never gives up. She is very intelligent and knows everything. Do not mistake her kindness for weakness because she will bring her wrath onto you which you most likely will not survive.
"Wow look at Dawn Marie she is looking very pretty today."
by Dawn potter May 22, 2015
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