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doll, in girlie talk its a nickname for a girl or between girlfriends.
what up dawl?
what u doing 2nite dawl?
by tridas August 10, 2008
1. The name of the physical entity on Broad St. Subway cars in Philadelphia, PA, that allow egress to and from train vehicles.

2. The surname of the woman who announces that the named portals will be closing on the Broad St. Subway.
1. Dawls closing.
2. My name is Mary E. Dawls. Next stop, Walnut-Locust Station.
by phillyboy215 June 23, 2009
(Pronounced Doll)

|1.| Cute, hot adorable or pretty.

Used among teens to their friends to compliment them when they...
-Make a mistake that is 'cute'
-Have on an outfit that compliments their body type
-Or are just plain adorable

|2.| Hottie or beast
-When someone is just too hot you can't stand it
-When you see a very cute guy/girl
-A nice compliment to tell someone that they are gorgeous
River is so Dawl!

Duncan is such a Dawl!
by Meghan *M33P* May 23, 2010
an orgasmicly intense vanilla tasting energy drink.
ahh dawls taste so good.
by pandacat88 November 24, 2007