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Getting oral sex blow job from behind an open locker door
Hey dude, that chick gave me a Davy Jones after school yesterday.
by Jim Trivial May 17, 2011
A man who has tried once, and then given up completely with woman.
"We should hook him up with one of your friends."

"No can do. He is the new Davy Jones."
by Mark Fizz March 05, 2010
The way to refer to someone who think's that they're all that, but we all know there's somebody better.
"He's no Davy Jones."
by H-T September 13, 2004
The sexual act of the partner giving oral sex to the man using fecal matter and salt as lubricant. The partner servicing the other also has 20 leeches attach to her/his chin , and muxt finish before the leeches deplete the person's blood. If the act is finished, it is followed by a Great Kraken Slap, in which the man pounds the servicing partner with both hands on the sides of his/her head to finish the job.
The Davy Jones is like the salty sea.

The woman was overcome by scurvy after giving a Davy Jones.
by G-Unit 4 Lyfe April 17, 2007
A person who is giving head that has ice cubes in their mouth
It was hard to keep the blood flow in my penis when i was gettin a Davy Jones.
by byson August 06, 2006