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A high school in Davis, CA where students like to get drunk everyday of the week, do a lot of coke, and drive nice cars. Favorite lunch destination = chipotle. And generally you can find students from this high school in abundance at In-n-Out literally any day of the week (minus during finals) either drunk or passed out until their closing which is at 1am. Somehow, however they all make it to very prestige universities.
Hi my name is John Doe, I go to Davis Senior High School and I have a 4.8 GPA, a 2390 on my SAT's, and I'm enrolled in some of the most rigorous courses in the state of California. I'm also completely thizzed, coked, high, drunk, and adderralled out of my mind right now.
by LarkinKing1341235 August 30, 2010
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