David Bowie: Deep, hypnotic sexy voice, vampire like looks, one of the fewest rockers that could pull of a feminine look and still be masculine, acted as the Goblin King in the Labyrinth which is not only a badass film that you could do magic mushrooms too and then watch, but features some dope ass songs that Bowie made. P Diddy (aka Puffy Daddy or Sean Puffy Combs, known notoriously as jacking other older songs from various genres and remaking them into hip hop music) took one of Bowie's song's melody (David Bowie's Let's Dance) and the lyrics of GrandMaster Flash: The Message and made a song out of it. Bowie also modeled for Tommy HilFiger with Emon (a ebony model with no hair and possibly in a Jame's Bond Movie)Also, Bowie's influence over music is on the same wavelength as bands like Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd, Led Zep. period.
Me: Dude, David Bowie has on make up and wears tight ass clothes like Emo's would but what a badass.
by TheeImran November 04, 2006
Top Definition
One of the greatest rockers of all time, who is constantly changing his appearance. A very influential rock legend who created the alter Ego Ziggy Stardust, and has shaped rock music through out his career.
David Bowie was a great rocker during the 70s and now.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
1) Enlightenment.
2) God.
3) Divinity.
4) Aladdin Sane.
5) Ziggy Stardust.
6) Major Tom.
"The excitement of David Bowie!"
by klynn March 28, 2004
Excessively talented and attractive singer/actor with more influence on music than possibly any other musician in the history of time. Some of his best albums include Low, Outside, and Reality.
David Bowie is a demi-god in his own right.
by cj January 17, 2004
One of the greatest musicians ever, if not the greatest. Even after his mega-glory days he still is a god in his own right. He did a few songs with the industrial band Nine Inch Nails which were good. He is also possibly the sexiest man alive. I would totally do him.
David Bowie's good songs(only a few)
Ashes to Ashes
Space Oddity
Moonage Daydream
Five Years
Ziggy Stardust
Lady Stardust
by ass hat December 02, 2004
A god of rock who is also "really really handsomely good-looking" and has a fantastic sense of humour.
"Did you know David Bowie was a big fan of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett? He covered Barrett's song See Emily Play."

"Nope, but I know he was in the movie Zoolander."
by suzanne March 11, 2004
Among the most influential musicians of the century, Bowie has managed to stay at the top of the charts for more than thirty years largely due to his talent for modifying his persona with characters like 1972's Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke. Emerging as a Mod out of Brixton, London at 19, he is best known for his role in the Glam movement of the early 1970s. Born David Robert Haywood Jones on January 8th, 1947, he changed his name in 1966 in order to avoid confusion with Monkees lead singer Davey Jones. Bowie has one perpetually dilated eye (which gives the appearance of two different colours) due to a schoolyard fight.
David Bowie was indeed the Nazz.
by Jackie Deram May 22, 2005
Musical equivalent of the Big Bang.
David Bowie renders most other music obsolete.
by Phantom Definition Writer November 09, 2005
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