A total badass who everyone should listen to.
"You know David Bowie?"
"Yeah! he's a total badass!"
by WHOO BOWIE January 02, 2005
A pretty cool/wierd dude. Either you like him and think he's cool or you hate him and parade around yelling "David Bowie is gay" like some sort of retard on crack. Although he is a little 'out there,' his singing is quite good. Most people know him as 'that guy with the hair who likes the asian girls.' They probably say that because he has strange hairstyles and does dig the women of the far East. One of his most popular songs is "Let's Dance." As in 'put on your red shoes and dance the blues.'
"David Bowie is gay!!!!!"
"You are a retard on crack. Have you even heard any of his songs?"
"...Well, no, but-"
"Then shut the hell up. David Bowie is awesome. 'Nuff said."
by Scott Irving February 20, 2006

He's frikkin awesome. So many alter ego's and such a diverse musician. He isn't of just one genre, but of many. His music will live on forever.
Labyrinth, Ziggy Starbust, The Thin White Duke....see he's god!
by Jerica February 02, 2004
A legend in the world of music, also acted several times, including the role of Andy Warhol in the movie, "Basquiat".
Basquiat: So what, are you doing some sort of piss painting?

Andy Warhol: This oxidation art.

Basquiat: Yeah I hate cleaning paintbrushes too.
by The KGB March 16, 2004
David Bowie is probably the only musician who is also a chameleon. He has written some of the best songs ever, and continues to make great music even after the peak of his career. Bowie has collaborated on many projects with a great variety of musicians. He has not sold out after 30 years like some groups (i.e the rolling stones). Bowie has also appeared in major motion pictures (Labrynith, Zoolander).

aka God.

He's also really super sexy.
Some great songs by David Bowie are...

Rebel, Rebel
Rock 'n Roll Suicide
Song for Bob Dylan
Ziggy Stardust
Panic in Detroit
by the anarchist tiger July 06, 2005
The man who fell to earth
David Bowie one of if not the only artist who can claim to have contributed greatly to the musical scene of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's
by Alex B January 15, 2005
Only the sexiest and most talented musician EVER...and he is 476 times hotter than Conor Oberst!
Dude do you know David Bowie?
Yeah, he's like 476 times hotter than Conor Oberst...
by Irunwithscissors June 06, 2006
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