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A person who practically defines the word 'AWESOME' ! , and has a tendancy to make people love things they previously disliked.
Person 1: She's seriously got me addicted to it now! I couldn't even stand it before!

Person 2: She's such a Daviana!~
by PoisonJellybean August 11, 2010
n. a person is so stupid that they aren't graduating high school. Who's not going anywhere in life.
Person 1: dude you aren't graduating high school what's wrong with you?
Person 2: yeah I know I'm such a Daviana.
by screw bitches June 07, 2009
n. a boyfriend stealing bitch. a person who likes rock. Looks black. a person who needs a slap in the face and a kick in her vagina. Thinks girlfriends are psycho when they're only worried. A girl who seriously needs to get beaten up til they're unconscious.
Yo that girl was talking to my boyfriend the other day and was being really "friendly"

Yeah she's such a Daviana.
by Its a crying shame May 24, 2009

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