The coolest sweetest most intelligent and honest guy youll ever meet. knows about everything. will do anything for you. never hates or holds grudges. A guy who wants nothing more than to be happy by making those around him happy. One hell of a cook. The perfect guy, everything every woman says she wants in a man. But you will never date him, you always will find some reason or excuse why you can't, and never tell him the truth about why. No woman is allowed to be with or tell him why she can't be with him. The guy who has always been there for you when you needed him, who continually loves you and would do anything for you despite being used and abused time and again. The guy you want but whenever you let it show you have to pretend it didnt happen and accuse him of being crazy or not knowing what was going on when you asked him to sleep with you or told him how much you loved him and you were meant to be with him. He's always depressed and busy as hell, but when you need something hes there like state farm.
Dude this organic chemistry makes no sense to me, I need help, and I want to know how to cook this lamb and figure out what this cool unidentified tune is on the radio.

Just ask Dave.

Isnt he busy?

Yeah but he'll drop it to help out.

Is he still in love with that Heather?

Yeah, she totally is using him.

Yeah but he really loves her.
by vinny's June 22, 2011
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A term used to refer to the coolest person in a group.
Oh man, I was the Dave of the party.
by Frank Joe October 26, 2006
1. Beloved
2. Better than David
3. The Model of Perfect. No man can come close to the glory of that which is Dave. Dave's are artistic and funny always knowing how to lay down a good massage. Skills that come with Dave include major dexterity in all matters and extentions of limbs and the what not. Daves have the largest units, brains, and balls. Don't mess with a Dave.
1. Dude, I looked at Dave the wrong way and he flipped me upside down slapped me across the face with his massive wang.
2. Dave slathered me up with oil, making me loose and limber and only God and that poor goat know what happens next.
3. Ur Getting a Dave!
4. Rebohcs
by L0stc0ntent February 24, 2006
1. Everyone knows a Dave. Daves are, as a rule, people to ask about something, whether it be plumbing, horseracing, astronomy or computers. Daves, like Steves, are "solid blokes".

2. {Br.} A name given to children by parents who wish their issue to become plumbers.

(1) "Dave will know..."

(2) "Dave, can you come round? My pipes need seeing to"
by Dave Hooke June 19, 2006
Cute, intelligent, never judging, the type of person that will always end up forgiving you no matter what. Thoughtful, charming, lovable, romantic - hes everything a girl could ever want. He never lets anything get him down and always finds positives in the most un-positive situations. Has the sweetest smile and most gorgeous eyes, just thinking about him puts a smile on your face. The one person that means so much to you that you can't imagine life without him.
This guy I met today - hes such a Dave!
by AussieChic12 February 13, 2010
Dave is a one-of-a-kind. Tall, with a charming smile and amazing eyes, he's almost to good to be true.

He's sweet, attractive, caring, and incredibly hilarious. He does the most legitimate accents, to the point where they are completely believable! He's smart, charismatic, and basically a perfect person.
I love Dave. I'm so glad he's mine
by kelseychantell July 29, 2011
A Quakertown term for Marijuana (Quakertown Brown), Made popular by the crew F.O.D
Pot, Ganja, Maryjane, DAVE

by Quakertown Kid December 29, 2007
a) A fantastic TV channel in the UK that shows lots of Top Gear and Ray Mears stuff
b) The name you use when you can't think of a person's name
a) Oh, is Top Gear on Dave again?!
b) A - What was the name of that person we saw in the street?
B - I dunno! Dave?!
by Eggy9000 January 08, 2008
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