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Davani is the surname given to someone that has an amazing talent in seeking out new ways of gaining money and wealth.

Although a Davani may have lots of money some feel that this is a compensation for other areas.
It is common knowledge that a male Davani's penis will never grow any longer then that of which he was born with. Subsequently leading to a lot of heart broken females.

They also become extremely aroused when in the presence of domestic pets such as cats and dogs and have also been known to chase live stock around fields and paddocks chanting phrases of a sexual nature.
"Hey did you see that Davani on the news last night? Locked up for trying to finger a goat".

"Hey did you hear Shelley banged Davani last night? Apparently he has a 2 incher with a hard on".
by skatekid92 April 22, 2013

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