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The coolest person you'll never meet. You wish you could meet them, but sadly, there's few to go around. Also called: Awesomeness Personified
An awesome girlfriend as well it you're lucky enough to find one.
"Wow, do you know Dava"? "No, I wish dude."
#awesomeness personified #diva #may have beautiful brown eyes #easy to fall in love with #highly intelligent
by smitts2cool May 03, 2010
(1) A title for someone of noble birth.

(2) Of divine heritage.
I am a Dava, a daughter of my Heavenly Father.
#dayva #goddess #daughter of god #lds #deva
by Nichole Thirty-First February 09, 2010
Double Ass, Double Vagina - the act of four men having intercourse simultaneously with one woman, two men performing anal penetration while the other two men perform vaginal penetration.
"Man, that broad is so loose, me and my three buds totally pounded her DAVA style."
#dava #double-penetration #anal sex #gang-bang #orgy
by alex and charlie June 13, 2006
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