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The mental states that a computer owner goes through when the only copy of data is lost. For instance, a hard drive that contains family pictures from the last 5 years which has never been backed up suddenly dies, the owner will go through several stages of denial that the data has been actually lost and cannot be recovered.
A classic case of Data Loss Denial (DLD):

"It was 230am. I had been staring at the clicking hard drive for 6 hours non-stop, as if my very retinal gaze would be able to pull the 700GB of lost JPGS back to life thru the steel sides of the hateful beast. I started to scream, then wail like a banshee from "LOTR part 5". "FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!" I screamed over and over and over. The walls shook. The kids awoke in terror and cried. My wife grabbed the phone and started to dial 911. I wrenched the phone from her hands and screamed "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU DON'T! That was 700 hundred FUCKING JIGGABYTES OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!! And now its GONE!!!!!!!". I grabbed the black metal rectangle of clicking death and ran downstairs. I started to throw it over the back fence. Then I stopped. I thought, hmmmmm, maybe, just maybe, if I hook it back to that SATA cable, just one more time?? And power cycle again? Yeah, that'll do it. Lets go try again....."
by Chuckles759 February 03, 2010