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A dark asian.
Yoo is he asian?" "Nah he's darker then an asian he's a dasian!
by Mehv May 25, 2010
It's a linguistic mash-up - combining the best of scandanavia and asia - girls born from danish and asian seed (tall and busty + stylish and exotic)... if you know you know...
Wow, look at that DASIAN!!!
by mark1985 August 24, 2007
Overtly sexual guy, often very skievy, and sneakly like 10 ninjas.
That Dasian is just trying to get in your pants.
by JonnyO! April 27, 2005
A person that is dating an asian.
I can't say I'm a dasian yet; Mihyun and I only just met last week.
by gsmooves February 26, 2011
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