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Cody Rhodes
"DASHING....Cody Rhodes. Daaaaaaassshhhiiiiing.....



Cody Rhodes."
by Rashing Dody Chodes November 18, 2010
62 25
Ridiculously good-looking or cool, at any rate
"That young man was quite dashing!"
by julian fernandez May 25, 2005
177 63
adj. Dashing is like handsome, only faster.
That runner is so good looking; hell i would even say he is dashing!
by MastaFoo69 March 27, 2009
48 27

a synonym of the common word smoking.
Dashing rasberry
I dashed so much yesternight.

Pass the weed bro, I wanna dash.

I love dashing, even if it hurts my lungs.
by Yucker October 09, 2013
4 0
Very good looking, or handsome.
Hey man do you see that kid over there? Who Steven? Yeah he is so dashing!
by LJnkjsnfk June 07, 2011
10 8