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Dashe' Lee

1. Dashe' Lee,
one of the most known, crazy, irresistible monstrous 5 year olds, on this planet, in fact, THE most dangerous 5 year old deodorant throwing female in the world. Dashe' is amazing in bed cause she feisty and pulls hair.

2. An adjective, to describe, someone of pure awesomeness.

3. Pure awesomeness.

4. The Holy Grail Of Awesomeness.

5. The sex.

6. 5 is a lie.

7. :]

Anthony : Who is the sex?

Dashe' : I am the sex.

Anthony : Of course. -walks away-

2. Guy 1 : Dude I met some chick the other night!
Guy 2 : No way!
Guy 1 : I know she's so Dashe' Lee.
by d00d0mg235235 July 29, 2009

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