(Dasha) is a female name ,the girls with that name are really (hot )with( sexy )bodies and their cute , (positive) and (optimistic)

Dasha's are fantastic in bed
Dude you going out with Dasha she is so Hot
by TheTrueMeaningOfYourName April 09, 2015
In East Europe it is a name for a creature (or human being) that looks like s sheep and is funny smelling. Makes high-pitch noises and is no good for anything.
Oh my God! This Dasha is the smelliest I have ever seen!
by Gnusko September 04, 2006
A type of chode, usually one of a great width
Dude did you see that short fat girl, doesnt she remind you of a dasha?
by joe24567 October 06, 2008
a whale or cow, a person who is extremely large and is exceptionally annoying and disgusting. Usually people find their presence unbearable.
Person 1: did you see dasha today?
Person 2: i wish i didn't!
Person 1: man, i feel sorry for you.
Person 2: HA! tell me about it.
by captainmorgan January 03, 2008

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