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(Scientifically known as Choroba Darsh) When multiple or all Cruciate Ligaments are completely torn in ones knee. Furthermore, recovery from Dash Disease can take a victim anywhere from 2-35 years and often requiring upwards of 17 reconstructive surgeries and therapy sessions. Dash Disease was first discovered when 15 year old Adam Sowinski was involved in a horrific skiing accident tearing all Cruciate Ligaments
Dude, I fucked up my knee. I think I have early stages of Dash Disease.

Sorry man I can't go, my mom is afraid I'll get Dash Disease.

Bro, your knee looks really screwed up. You should probably get it checked out to see if you have Dash Disease.

I am sorry to inform you but your daughter has Dash Disease. There was nothing we could do to avoid it.
by Tacy February 05, 2014
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