Utterly amazing name belonging to an amazing girl, most usually. A true gem hidden in the rough, tends to shine when unearthed. Warning: Can fall in love with a Darya easily.
Guy 1: So how's Darya?
Guy 2: She's amazing, but I've got a problem
Guy 1: Falling in love?
Guy 2: Big time. Be my best man?
by YouKnowWho37 June 19, 2013
Top Definition
cool cat. likes to have fun with friends. friends are Darya's L-I-F-E.
hey look, its Darya!
yeah she's a cool cat.
by yomamasfat November 26, 2006
Another way of spelling 'Daria'. You know, like that TV show ?
Trent : Would it help if we spelled mystic with two y's ?
Daria : (And I'll spell my name 'D-A-R-Y-A', and be crowned Miss America.) It might.

Daria, Darya
by Wyzzy November 30, 2013
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