To Darth Maul someone, is to have sex whilst clenching a red dildo in your ass, effectively you can have sex with two people. Now you may think that only men can achieve the Darth Maul, this is not true, a woman can get the same effect using a strap on and dildo.
Tom: Hey Ed, you want to go Darth Maul.
Ed: Whats that?
...A few moments later...
Ed: Yeah, lets go do that with Andrea.
Tom: Can i be Obi-wan?
Ed: No.
by DonkeyShlong January 16, 2010
To masterbate while releiving oneself of feceal matter.
"guys i was taking a shit and got kinda turned on so i bashed one out at the same time...god i love a darth maul!"
by eddyg November 16, 2007
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